• New gun control bill up for discussion

    The new Washington leadership has drafted new gun control legislation in the form of House Bill 45. Sportsmen are encouraged to read this bill and get familiar with is new intended limitations and controls. It contains more restrictive controls over all firearms, sporting arms included. E-mail Carolyn_Boller@MarkUdall.senate.gov and ask a copy of the bill be emailed to you to read.

  • Weather impacts everything, including wildlife

    Colorado’s mild winter that just ended March 20 when the first day of spring was ushered in, created a lot of puzzling weather problems that has impacted waterfowl migration numbers and routes this season.

  • Small game and waterfowl seasons come to an end

    The small game and waterfowl seasons have ended. Pheasant ended Jan. 19, duck Jan. 25 and goose season closed earlier this month. Every hunting season is a great experience outdoors, yet each season offers some reflections and lessons learned.  Here are a few from my days in the field and on the river.

  • Standley Lake boat permit applications available

    Standley Lake boat permit application packets are available online or at the Westminster Nature Center at the Standley lake Regional Park, 100th Avenue and Simms Street.

  • Don’t miss out on these outdoor chances

    The outdoors news has built up over the holidays. Check out some events and news items that just might interest you.

        Here are a couple of books worth securing for winter reading. “Home Pool-Stories of Fly Fishing and Lesser Passions” by Bruce Ducker and the “Central Colorado Fishing Guide,” both available at local bookstores or fishing and hunting retailers.

  • Duck, duck, gone?

    Duck hunters are probably frustrated with the lack of ducks in Eastern Colorado. While U.S. Fish & Wild Service and Ducks Unlimited field counts show that most duck species numbers are constant or up from previous years. Colorado’s Division of Wildlife is at a loss as well, as to why more ducks are not seen along the South Platte River basin. Concern has led the DOW to conduct a three-year study, specifically along the South Platte River from Greeley to the Nebraska state line.

  • Daughters, dads and the outdoors

    Sometimes as a father drawn to the outdoors, you don’t always see if that personal passion for nature and outdoors catches on with the daughters as much as it typically does with the sons. My two sons, Jay and Mark, followed me to the duck blind, goose pit and along big-game trails at a very early age. Not so with my daughter Kylee, at least not at that very early age. Things did change, and Dad was very excited by her developing interest and the time shared in the outdoors.