en LETTER: Picture depicts Christ incorrectly <p class="p1"> Dear editor,</p> <p class="p1"> I have comments regarding the editorial/opinion picture in the Wednesday, June 27, issue of the Brighton Standard Blade on Page 4.</p> <p class="p1"> I am aware that the picture was not produced by the Blade but was allowed by the editor to be used in that issue.</p> <p class="p1"> It seems to me that not much thought was given to or investigation given to the implication given on such a picture.</p> <p class="p1"> It appears that the infant Christ child is identified as an immigrant, and I assume also illegal.</p> COLUMN: Rural people most affected by negative healthcare trends <p> &nbsp;<span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 22.973px;">The Commonwealth Fund&rsquo;s just-released 2018 Scorecard on State Health System Performanceconfirmed what other recent studies have shown: Life expectancy in the United States is going down while it continues to go up in other developed countries. And rural areas seem to be disproportionately affected.</span><span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 22.973px;">&nbsp;</span></p> LETTER: Get ready for the pie baking contest <p class="p1"> Dear editor,</p> <p class="p1"> The Good Luck 4-H Club was busy Saturday, June 16, getting ready for the 2nd annual Adams County Fair Old Fashioned Pie Baking Contest. &nbsp;The contest is for the best homemade fruit pie. &nbsp;</p> <p class="p1"> Last year&rsquo;s contest was a big success and had 54 entries and included classics pies, like apple and cherry, but also included not-so-common recipes, such as coconut and mango. &nbsp;The contest raised more than $3,000 for the Brighton Rotary Club.&nbsp;</p> LETTER: Oil/gas initiative is bad idea <p class="p1"> Dear editor,</p> <p class="p1"> Initiative 97 is a train-wreck for Colorado&rsquo;s economy.</p> <p class="p1"> Initiative 97 would mandate oil and gas development be set back at least 2,500 feet (8 football fields) from any occupied structure or defined vulnerable area.&nbsp;</p> <p class="p1"> This would increase the minimum setback distance for a residence five times what is legally required now and the setback for a</p> <p class="p1"> high-occupancy building 2.5 times to what it is now. &nbsp;</p> LETTER: Vietnam veterans memorial is worth a visit <p class="p1"> Dear editor</p> <p class="p1"> On Memorial Day, May 28, our family all attended the dedication of the Brighton Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is on the corner of Fourth&nbsp; and Jessup in Brighton.&nbsp; It was a memorable day for us all.</p> COLUMN: When do emergency sirens go off in our area? <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Dear editor,</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Emergency sirens are considered an outside warning device and will warn citizens who are outside and away from notification devices, such as a TV or radio, of impending severe weather.&nbsp;</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">The sirens will not penetrate most homes or businesses built today, especially the basements.&nbsp;</span></p> <p class="p1"> <span class="s1">Therefore, many citizens never hear the emergency notification sirens during severe weather.&nbsp;</span></p> LETTER: Discipline and structure in the summer months <p class="p1"> <i>Dear Ask A Therapist,</i></p> <p class="p1"> <i>It&rsquo;s a whole different ball game when my children get out of school for summer. We have lots of fun, but stress seems to bubble up. Please give me some parenting tips.</i></p> <p class="p2"> &nbsp;</p> <p class="p1"> Dear parent,</p> <p class="p2"> &nbsp;</p> <p class="p1"> Yes, school&rsquo;s out for the summer! Mostly stress-free weeks, right?&nbsp;</p> LETTER: Candidate wants to move Colorado forward <p class="p1"> <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 22.973px;">dear editor,&nbsp;</span></p> <p class="p1"> You look around the country these days and it&rsquo;s easy to wonder how we got here -&nbsp;to a place where we stand toe to toe instead of shoulder to shoulder. I think the most important question Coloradans should be asking themselves is how we get out of here. How do we get back to a place where people are willing to work together to get big things done? I believe we can get there. We just have to have the courage to see common ground where others see conflict.</p>